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High Quality Cabinets to Upgrade Your Space

When you enter your kitchen or bathroom, the cabinets usually draw the eye first, making them one of the most visually impactful style elements in the room. Updating your space with new cabinetry can not only increase available storage and improve overall efficiency, but new cabinets can also completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. Winsupply of Cleveland simplifies renovations by offering Northeast Ohio and the Greater Cleveland areas a diverse selection of both ready-made vanities and custom-designed kitchen and bath cabinets from StarMark and Medallion.

Visit the Cleveland Showroom, where a design expert can assist you with each step of the planning process, or check out our online catalog to browse cabinetry lines and get a sense of which options will best complement your design scheme.

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Framed American-Style Cabinets

If you prefer a more common aesthetic, framed cabinetry may be the better option. Framed cabinets are comprised of a face frame that’s added to the front of the cabinet box. American-style cabinets are generally stronger and sturdier in construction, offer an option of visible door hinges and other hardware components and lend dimension to the space.

Frameless European-Style Cabinets

European-style cabinets provide a streamlined, simple look, making them more suitable for placement in a kitchen or bathroom with modern or contemporary design elements. Without a face frame, frameless cabinetry features doors that cover almost the entire cabinet box and have concealed hardware.

Ready-Made Cabinets Vs. Custom-Made Cabinets

Winsupply of Cleveland carries many different styles and types of cabinets. Ready-made vanity cabinets are available in standard sizes and shapes and are the most affordable option. If your kitchen or bathroom is unusually shaped or you’d like more say over the cabinets’ construction, Winsupply offers custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, where you can specify exactly what size, material and finish you want. Because custom-designed cabinets are based entirely on your specifications, they’re generally more expensive than ready-made cabinets and take longer to deliver due to production times.

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Take a look at all of the cabinet offerings available in our online catalog, or schedule an appointment to visit the Cleveland Showroom, where you’ll be able to see how different types of cabinets actually look in various kitchen or bathroom layouts.