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In 1921, John F. Siefert and Jim Deegan, then 26 and 44 years of age, found themselves on the outside looking in when the factory they worked in Cleveland, Ohio, eliminated their jobs. The two friends quickly moved to sell their homes and somehow managed to raise the then-extraordinary sum of $25,000 that they parlayed into a purchase of a four-story, 8,000- square-foot warehouse structure along the railroad tracks in Cleveland’s Slavic Village. After bringing in a modest opening inventory, the new partners launched their own plumbing and heating supplies business: The Deegan-Siefert Company.

In April of 1922, they opened with the help of the Standard Sanitary Corporation, a plumbing fixtures producer and the predecessor company of today’s American Standard Brands. They were Standard Sanitary’s very first distributor in Cleveland. The two men remained with the manufacturer through the merger of Standard Sanitary with the American Radiator Company in 1929, carrying the American Standard banner each and every year thereafter ensuing nine decades.


The Deegan-Siefert tandem remained intact until 1938, when Jim Deegan retired and sold his interest to John F. Siefert. The first President John F. Siefert continued to operate and grow the company until he passed away in 1953.  His son, John P. (“Jack”) Siefert, joined the company in 1948 after serving in World War II and earning a degree from John Carroll University in Cleveland. The second generation President Jack Siefert continued to build the business, pursuing the rising residential market in those post-war years while maintaining Deegan-Siefert’s historical emphasis on commercial sales. But in 1977, Jack’s wife Eunice died, and he was left alone to raise their eight young children: seven girls and their only son John F. Siefert.   Jack was blessed with a good crew of employees, but inevitably the business began to shrink. By the time the third generation John Siefert and his sister Mary Lou Siefert-May joined their father in 1984, annual sales had slipped to under $500,000.  Jack Siefert remained active in Deegan-Siefert well into the 1990s, overseeing the company’s move in July 1996 from the original Blanche Avenue structure to a modern, 27,000-square-foot, single-level facility including a 3,500-square-foot showroom space, managed by one of his daughters, Eunice Siefert Evans. The showroom is devoted almost exclusively to American Standard.


Do to extreme financial circumstances and wanting to continue to grow, third generation President John F. Siefert contacted a company called WinWholesale, a top leading national corporation in the wholesale industry. Under the business arrangement, The Deegan-Siefert Co. would be terminated and its assets sold to a successor company Lake Erie Winnelson, and like other Win operations as a C corporation. John and his family were then able to purchase a 40% share of the new company, while WinWholesale and its other interests purchased the remaining 60% share. With the company tripling in size the correct decision was made.

In 2016, WinWholesale, the mother company of nine subsidiary companies, (Winnelson, Winsupply, Winwater, Winair, Windustrial, Winpump, Winlectric, Winfastener, and Noland) elected to go through a name change to Winsupply Inc. under the same ownership and operations. The new corporate name simply streamlines marketing by having one common name for all 700 local locations. Lake Erie Winnelson evolved to Winsupply of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Winsupply of Cleveland continues to be the leader in wholesale plumbing, heating and factory supplies in Northeast Ohio, offering, plumbers, remodelers, builders, architects and designers more than 10,000 products, a premium American Standard showroom, and national buying power through Winsupply Inc.  With over 30 employees operating under commercial sales, showroom sales, counter sales, waterworks, and toilet room accessories and along with national buying power, Winsupply of Cleveland has the ability to help with any project size.


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